There are five kinds of paper diapers in the wrong way

Date:2016-08-26 10:58:07
Children born to three years old, the largest consumer goods in addition to milk is not wet the urine. As a novice mother to master the right to change paper diapers take some time, after all, early mother, need to learn a lot of things. I believe there are a lot of mistakes around the law, today we have to sum up, to avoid more mothers make mistakes.
1, the baby feet to mention too high
Some parents put the baby feet to mention the whole back to leave the mat, every day to do so several times a day, very easy to damage to the baby's spine.
2, the hand touched the baby's feet
Parents have not found to baby diapers when the baby feet will be chaotic pedal, as if you are very happy to give him diapers. In fact, the parents trigger the baby's original reflection - step reflection, which makes your baby chaos pedal chaos kick, accidentally get it in the toilet. Has been running around in circles, and this had to take a bath, it is crazy.
3, diaper rash with a paper towel
Baby red ass, and should not be wiped with wet paper towels or paper towels, so it will increase the situation of eczema. If you need cleaning, it is best to use water, wash with a soft cotton cloth gently dip the water on the baby ass.
4, scared cry baby
Successful diapers finished, Baba mother gave the baby an excitement to a "wall boom", baby crying. You put it smoothly, may stimulate the baby's frightened reflection, scared even at first glance crying in the normal, however. The key is so many times enough to let your baby to change for the film.
5, just for good and urine
Mom and Dad have not been in the trick? In fact, parents are out of the used diaper before stimulating the baby's corresponding parts, can urge the baby to continue to complete the urine, greatly reduce the original diaper change into bed sheets, mat change, also To bathe so much trouble.
Baby Diaper with 20 Frequently Asked Questions
1, select the diaper model, is a good point, or just right?
A: Under normal circumstances or to choose the right baby diaper good! Although diapers have model restrictions, but each model will have a certain weight range, should find a suitable baby weight diapers. Excessive models are prone to leakage of urine, too small models because Chu stay more than the diaper in the urine of the bear and produce back to infiltration, and diapers too tight will damage the baby delicate skin.
2, what kind of diapers to wear convenient, not Le thigh it?
A: There are two tips.
First waist and waist paste the design. There is a diaper is a 360-degree elastic waist and waist paste design, so that even the baby before and after the meal, turn left turn right are comfortable.
The second is the design of leakproof compartment. Select the kind of Leica elastic double diapers leak-proof edge of the diaper, not only strong, and the minimum to reduce the baby's delicate skin stimulation, will not be in the baby's thigh on the red out of India.

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