Cross-border electric business New Deal full moon diaper change your "Taomu" enthusiasm reduced

Date:2016-08-26 10:57:27
April 8, the implementation of cross-border e-commerce New Deal, retail imports of goods is no longer levied by postal parcel post, but by the import tariffs and import value-added tax, consumption tax, adjusted simultaneously parcel tax rate .
For the average consumer, in the context of the New Deal, the sea when the Amoy family shopping what kind of new experience? Reporters found in the interview, the New Deal after the implementation of commodity prices rise and fall, the overall balance to maintain the state. To purchase food, health products, baby supplies, sea Amoy orders, for example, the New Deal after the implementation of the price does have growth. "Now maternal and child goods tax rate of 11.9%, a pack of 138 yuan kao paper diapers, including tax price is 154 yuan, which is a lot more expensive than the original." The child just turned Zhao told reporters that because of this family A lot of sellers will subsidize taxes and fees, I think they want to be tied to a regular customer bar. "Ms. Zhao said that as part of the business through the return of a large number of goods, Vouchers tax deduction, so some of the price advantage of the sea Amoy goods to be maintained.
"Logistics is slightly slower than the original, the original ten days and a half can be something, and now sometimes have to wait more than 20 days." Ms. Zhao told reporters, especially through overseas purchasing, this part of the goods Most of the way through the personal baggage to leave the country, "Now the customs check on the luggage more stringent, and some commodities will be delayed for a period of time."
For higher prices of goods, the tax reform, the price of 2,000 yuan for the watershed show different changes. Reporters in the interview found that the price of 500 yuan more than 2,000 yuan of goods, such as skin care products, clothing, etc., according to the current tax rate sub-file, sales prices remained stable or decreased slightly. And more than 2,000 yuan of goods to go overseas direct mail way, a long time, high cost, such as luxury shoes bag, which to some extent affected the enthusiasm of consumers to buy. For example, consumers previously bought from the sea Amoy platform 3000 package, only need to pay 300 yuan tax, tax reform, because the "unit price of goods more than 2,000 yuan according to the general trade model full tax", this package will spend more Out part of the money.

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